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ALTEAssociation of Language Testers in Europe
ALTEApparent Life-Threatening Event
ALTEAlliant Energy (East)
ALTEAcute Life Threatening Event
ALTEAutomated Line Test Equipment
ALTEAltitude Transmitting Equipment
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Rhinoviruses, especially HRV-C, could cause a respiratory infection with few symptoms in young infants and could trigger ALTEs in this age group.
TAL will actively participate in the international ALTE organized conferences to promote wireless technology and TAL's wireless networks.
Most recently, Altes served as vice president merchandising of the bath division of CHF Home Fashions and was a buyer for Linens 'n Things and Bloomingdale's.
With the title "Faces of the Orient: 10,000 Years of Art and Culture from Jordan", an exhibition will be held in Berlin, Germany, at the Altes Museum on October 8, 2004, and later on at the Art Exhibition Hal in Bonn, on April 2005.
Edy Korthals Altes has spent most of his working life as a Dutch career diplomat, serving in New York, Sri Lanka, Paris, The Hague, Bonn, Rome, Jakarta, Brussels and Poland before his appointment as Ambassador to Spain.