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ALTEAAnomalous Long Term Effects on Astronauts (NASA)
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Both the new Altea and Altea XL Ecomotive register emissions of only 119g/km, while the new Leon registers just 99g/km making it exempt from road tax.
But the deeply tinted rear side windows and the curvacious lines give the Altea a lot of kerb appeal.
The Freetrack 4 is the first SEAT designed to be driven off-road and to this end, it features four-wheel drive transmission, an extra 40 mm of ground clearance and 4x4 - inspired styling touches over and above the Altea XL, on which the new model is based.
According to the airlines, Amadeus Altea Reservation is a fully integrated sales and reservations system that will allow them to distribute synchronised flight information, fares and passenger details across all their sales channels.
If anything the Altea XL is an ideal halfway house between a normal hatchback and compact people movers such as the Renault Scenic - and it's cheaper.
6-litre Altea Essence, which comes without air conditioning and costs pounds 11,695.
6-litre petrol Altea I teamed up with on that occasion was a capable enough performer but it toiled a little on the motorway.
The best-looking Seat ever, I predict the Altea will completely redefine the Seat brand.
Following this, Air Tahiti Nui joins nearly 120 airlines across the globe contracted to use the full Altea Suite, also to include most of the major airlines in Asia Pacific.
Altea DCS FM is already showing high performance in a centralised load control (CLC) environment,increasing productivity.
Meanwhile, SEAT's third best seller so far has been the Exeo saloon and estate which pushed the Altea and Altea XL into fourth spot, but still with 1,400 models sold.