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ALTERAlliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (EU)
ALTERAcceptable Long-Term Exposure Range
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Besides, the instance brought from the arts is fallacious; for it is not the same thing to alter the one as the other.
Whatever the European sovereigns and commanders may do to countenance Bonaparte, and to cause me, and us in general, annoyance and mortification, our opinion of Bonaparte cannot alter.
She reminds me of all that we both owe to Lady Janet; and she has persuaded me to alter my mind.
Yes," continued Michel, getting animated, "or else alter it, and employ it to the accomplishment of our own ends.
When I tried to plead with him to alter his resolution, he became for the first, and only time, violently agitated.
I have had troubles in the world, and nothing alters a man so much as grief.
She alters her focus until trivial things are blurred.
Newsweek's November 5th issue, for instance, features an ambivalent article by Jonathan Alter entitled "Time to Think About Torture.
Customers will begin receiving payments through a single-use or a "reloadable" Alter Visa prepaid card in lieu of cash.
Errors in electrode placement can alter the interpretation; as a result, appropriate therapy may be jeopardized.
2002) confirmed the ability of CPF to alter the activity of another nuclear transcription factor in cortical neurons, the [Ca.
Individuals also can alter a photograph during the development stage.