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ALUMAluminum (old style)
ALUMAustralian Land Use and Management (classification system)
ALUMAgricultural Land Use Map (agriculture; various locations)
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For 270 years local men and woman worked in dangerous conditions turning rock into alum crystals, important for the country's wool industry.
Tony McCarthy rounded it off with a win for the Alum to make the final score 12-5 to Snooker Club.
Police said the alleged slavery victims, who had reportedly been collecting scrap metal, were believed to have been at an address in Alum Rock for approximately a year.
To another question, she said water for bathing and washing purpose must preferably boiled, however, if not possible then alum must be applied so that impurities are separated from the water.
Dan Giustina, UO alum and former chair of UO Foundation Board
In general, greater rates of alum were needed to suppress phosphorus release from the clay loam sediments than from either the loamy sand or the sandy sediments.
The SRA also confirmed it is still investigating another case in Alum Rock involving a business which was alleged to be falsely trading as a legitimate law firm.
Earning ACF Professional Bronze medals were Lourdes Mejia and Jessica Johnson, 2010 America's Best High School Pastry Chef, Skill USA alum and graduate of Warwick Tech, Warwick, R.
The researchers also showed that the lecithin nanoparticles were able to help induce a reasonable antibody response after only one shot, whereas it took at least two shots for the alum adjuvant to work.
While some alums go into private practice or join other law firms, a large majority go in-house.
The cave - part of the popular Alum Pot complex - is regarded as good training for novices, although both victims were said to be experienced cavers.
He added: "The cave system at Alum Pot contains stream passages and it looks as though the pair were trapped by rising water.