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ALYAAustralian Lebanese Youth Association
ALYAAmerican Latvian Youth Association
ALYAAzerbaijan Liberal Youth Association (est. 2006)
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Summary: Muscat: Wedding party celebrations at Al Alya village in Wadi Bani Kharous of the wilayat .
University sources told here Sunday that Mrs Alya completed her thesis titled "Isolation of antihypertensive compound from polar extracts of bark and needles of pinus roxburghil and P.
At the outset of her speech, HE Sheikha Alya said that the land that witnessed great ancient civilizations is now at the doorstep of a new one, which is the blood civilization.
Do you, like Alya, use OCD as a label a bit too loosely without really considering what it means?
At just nine years old, Alya has already read almost 1400 books, written three articles and a series of three books on "Things Every Kid Should Know": Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs.
Alya said the section currently operates three video cameras, attached to the exoskeleton of the Burj Al Arab hotel.
Alya said that the Coastal Management Section has also completed restoration work of the Beach at Al Mamzar Park which is now receiving a large number of visitors.
Seething with anger, Gary tells the Nazirs what she's done and later he lashes out, accuses Aidan of sleeping with Alya.
The next morning, Alya is full of self-loathing over her rash behaviour while Gary is desperate to lift the spirits of his girlfriend.
And this is before Izzy learns of his one-night stand with Alya.
We already have some applications in the pipeline and ideally would want to take this number up to ten by this year," said Alya Esmail Al Marzouqi, head of the Inspecting Entities Accreditation Section of the Accreditation Department at Dubai Municipality.
Prior to her appointment to Geneva, sheikha Alya Al-Thani had been serving