ALaRIAdvanced Learning and Research Institute (University of Lugano, Switzerland)
ALARIAmerican Lung Association of Rhode Island (Providence, RI)
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Promising value for money , Mr Alari said CCC also brings a lot of transparency and governance we are a Canadian Government organisation; this is something we adhere to .
See Alari Pojaru, The Political Economy of Privatisation in Estonia, CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC REFORM AND TRANSFORMATION (1996), http://www.
Ella aveva molt'arte nell'accumular gran pezzi di legno su gli alari.
Moreover, we have recently founded a new Embedded Processor Design short course at the ALARI institute at Lugano University.
The refugees have arrived in the Alari camp, in Pochalla County of Jonglei State where they sought shelter.
But whereas Mantegna died penniless, Antico, the entrepreneurial son of a local butcher, ended his life with five properties, a good-sized piece of land and a place among the minor court nobility; around 1516 he added the upscale 'da Bonacolsi' to his real name, Pier Jacopo Alari.
Vocalist Lauren Alari looks as great as she sounds and they should go on to be a huge success.
Owner Donald Alari refused to comment yesterday as police forensic teams combed the grounds looking for clues to the blast.
Compare that with Pier-Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi's Apollo del Belvedere, a 15th century bronze in the classical mould, which the exhibition organisers have placed alongside to show Bernini's train of thought.
With limited water point in Pochalla and in Alari and Otali where IDPs are accumulating in
But it's all a bit cheesy with female vocalist Lauren Alari doing her best Lorraine McIntosh impression.
268, 'Erano li alari in questa forma fatti: quella parte che sostenevano le legne erano di grosso ferro; dalla parte dinanzi era uno vaso di bronzo, e'l coverchio era uno putto nudo che gonfiava le gote e in modo era congegnato che soffiava nel fuoco forfissimamente, quando erano al fuoco al scaldarsi, o dove l'uomo gli avessi voltati.