AM3Antibiotic Medium 3 (liquid potency determination)
AM3Affordable Multi-Missile Manufacturing program
AM3Atlas Mega-Model Management
AM3Aircraft Structural Mechanic Third Class (Naval rating)
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Caption: Monthly mean AM3 simulated (a) Arctic BC column burdens, (b) total meridional BC flux into the Arctic, (c) hydrophilic fraction of Arctic BC, and (d) wet deposition efficiency of hydrophilic BC in the Arctic.
The new Point of Presence (PoP) in AM3 will enable customers to interconnect and peer with AMS-IX's community of diverse Internet Service Providers, telecommunications carriers, mobile operators, content platforms, social media organizations and other high-quality traffic exchange participants, thereby increasing reliability, improving performance and reducing costs.
AM3 will use the ORIX/Petra investment to fuel both organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
Of the 20 mutated isolates found resistant to caspofungin in AM3 by using the EUCAST method, 19 also were resistant to caspofungin (1 intermediate), 18 to micafungin (1 intermediate and 1 susceptible), and 9 to anidulafungin (5 intermediate and 6 susceptible) according to Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) breakpoints and RPMI 1640 medium (Table 2).
29 June 2011 - The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) said Tuesday it pulled its AM3 asset manager ratings on local investment manager IGI Funds Ltd, part of IGI Investment Bank Ltd (KAR:IGIBL).
Em varias amostras a goethita apresenta tamanhos medios de cristalito inferiores a 100 nm, sendo que na amostra AM3 o tamanho varia de 20 nm a 30 nm.
To support DDR3 memory, AMD will introduce the new AM3 socket for motherboards in the next few months.
based VFA-14 Tophatters AM3 Justin Asprer and AM1s Jamie Murillo and Sergio Montoya transformed the aircraft from a tactical color scheme to its current appearance, above.
AM3 Hezekiah Crandall uses an air powered sander on the intake of an F-14B Tomcat assigned to Fighter Squadron (VF) 143 in the hangar bay of USS George Washington (CVN 73).
AM3 encourages the use of technology and advanced manufacturing processes in the production of missiles.
Design team AM3 have been responsible for some of the best console games ever and their expertise certainly shows on Winter Heat.