AMACAAmerican Microchip Advisory Council for Animals (pet location service)
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We want to keep it as basic as we can and still keep information safe and under control," says Coy Willis, Director, City of Midland Texas Animal Services and AMACA board member.
AMACA is comprised of shelters, veterinarians, microchip manufacturers, recovery networks, rescues, pet owners and others.
AMACA is an electronic community dedicated to helping animal care professionals develop standards and solutions regarding microchip identification of companion animals.
More than 1200 calls each day are placed by veterinary hospitals, humane societies, rescues, animal control and other AMACA members who are using the microchip number to reunite pets with their owners.
In the wake of numerous disasters such as Katrina, the California wildfires, east coast floods, and heartland tornadoes, AMACA has become the 'Voice for Microchip Users' who want to safeguard and enhance the system so many now depend upon.