AMAOannual measurable achievement objective
AMAOAdvanced Missions Analysis Office
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The 2008-2009 results show the Kent district met all three AMAOs, which include annual increases in the percentage of students making progress in learning English; annual increases in the percentage of students attaining English proficiency; and meeting annual yearly progress targets in reading and math on the state's Measurements of Student Progress and the High School Proficiency Exam tests.
The 2009-2010 school year results show the district met two of the three AMAOs, missing attaining English proficiency by less than 1 percent.
Lane, who opposed the measure, said no district wants to hold students back unnecessarily, especially with the AMAO standards holding them accountable.
Similarly, AMAO 2 calculates the percentage of ELLs attaining English proficiency on the CELDT.
AYP, progress in English and attainment of English are three components of the Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives, or AMAOs, of NCLB.
The states are providing sample parent letters to districts for this purpose; (2) The six states vary in the technical assistance systems they have put in place to help districts achieve their AMAO targets.
However, the process for establishing AMAO criteria can be very complex, and current research on system accountability using ELL assessments is sparse at best.