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AMAPAAffiliated Martial Arts Promoters Association (California)
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The geology in northern Amapa and Para is well-endowed with precious metals.
According to IBGE (2016) statistics, Amapa State has an extension of 142,828,521 [km.
Thus, we conducted a survey of frugivorous fly species (Tephritidae and Lonchaeidae), their host plants, and associated parasitoids, in the extreme north of Amapa State, Brazil.
oyapocki from Suriname, French Guiana, Amapa and Para, among which we found considerable variation in numbers of molars, which we describe here.
The Igarape Fortaleza basin is an important tributary of the Amazonas river system in the state of Amapa, in the Brazilian eastern Amazon region, and in the estuarine coastal sector.
O conhecimento dos ecossistemas do Amapa e ainda embrionario, mas se reconhecem importantes contribuicoes de estudos regionais de Ab'Saber (2002; 2004), de Magnanini (1952), do Projeto RADAMBRASIL (BRASIL,1974), do programa-piloto para a protecao das florestas tropicais do Brasil (PPG-7), por meio do apoio a elaboracao do zoneamento ecologico-economico do Amapa (IEPA, 2002).
Pratylenchus brachyurus was found in the roots of murici in the state of Amapa, constituted the first record for the occurrence of this nematode in murici in Brazil.
The Klebsiella genus was present in the Acre and Amapa state, but it is not dismissed the possibility that it would be present in the collected area of the Amazon state.
Para as Doencas Respiratorias Cronicas, a tendencia, no sexo masculino, mostrou crescimento em Pernambuco (2,05%); tendencia de reducao nas seguintes UF: Roraima (-12,29%), Santa Catarina (-6,06%), Amapa (-5,77%), Rio Grande do Sul (-5,29%), Amazonas (-4,54%), Para (-4,15%), Rio de Janeiro (-3,88%), Minas Gerais (-3,82%), Distrito Federal (-3,70%), Parana (-3,69%), Sao Paulo (-3,24%), Maranhao (-3,03%), Ceara (-2,97%), Espirito Santo (-2,78%), Piaui (-2,58%), Paraiba (-2,11%), Goias (-2,10%), Rondonia (-1,84%), Mato Grosso do Sul (-1,71%) e Bahia (-1,49%); e tendencia estacionaria nos demais (Tabela 1).
Thanks to International Conservation (CI-Brasil), to Global Conservation Fund and to the Fundacao Gordon and Betty Moore, together with Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation--(ICMBio--AP) and to Amapa State Government for the financial support for the implementation of the project.
Anglo American, which was initially set to sell 70% in Amapa to Zamin in January, decided after the landslide at the Santana port facility serving Amapa on 28 March to buy out the 30% in the joint venture from US partner Cliffs Natural Resources Inc (NYSE:CLF) and then sell 100% in the operation to Zamin under a revised deal unveiled in September.