AMASEAstrophysics Multi-Spectral Archive Search Engine
AMASEArctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition
AMASEAgent-based Mobile Access to Information Services
AMASEAutomatic Message Accounting Standard Entry
AMASEApache Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment
AMASEAdvanced Multi-Agency Service Environments (UK)
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The group is designed to host, manage and lease a variety of services currently available in the AMASE 32 Fund Accounting Software Package.
AMASE 32 will manage general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, purchase orders and requisitions, time tracking, budgeting and reporting.
At the heart of the contract is Atlantic TurnKey's AMASE 32 Fund Accounting Software with the necessary conversion, training and support.
We are particularly pleased with our new AMASE 32 Fund Accounting Software for both the school and government markets.
Separately the company announced that the Londonderry School District awarded it a contract for AMASE 32, its newest financial management software for governments.