AMAVAzienda Multiservizi Ambientali Veneziana (Italian: Venetian Environmental Multiservice Company; waste management)
AMAVAssociation of Men against Violence (Nicaragua)
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Titers <320 were considered to be 160 in comparisons of titers for WWAV, AMAV, and LCMV in individual samples.
None of the 173 study participants were positive for IgG against AMAV or LCMV The IgG titers against WWAV in the positive samples were 320 (n = 1), 1,280 (n = 3), and [greater than or equal to] 5,120 (n = 4).
We note that antibody against AMAV has been found in northern pygmy mice (Baiomys taylori) captured in Texas and northern Mexico (14).
Nonidentities among amino acid sequences of glycoprotein precursors and amino acid sequences of nucleocapsid proteins of Ocozocoautla de Espinosa virus strain AV B1030026, Mexico, and 8 arenaviruses from South America * % Amino acid sequence nonidentity Virus OCEV AMAV CHPV CPXV GTOV JUNV MACV SABV TCRV OCEV -- 43.
AMAV writes world-wide marine and aviation business within the Allianz group.
However, AMAV will also utilise equalisation reserves, which A.
AMAF's business profile reduced following the transfer of its London market portfolio to the AMAV branch in the UK.
The AMAV and the Asociacion Mexicana de Hoteles y Moteles (AHMT) also called on Cintra to ensure that the airlines remain primarily in the hands of Mexican interests.
This release contains certain forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, including without limitation, the operational outlook for 2000, Spinnaker alternatives and monetizing, the AMAV joint venture, cost cutting and other possible operational improvements.
AMAV president Fernando Soler Castro responded by asking the Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB) to intervene.