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AMBERAmerica’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)
AMBERAdvanced Multiple Beam Equalization Radiography (chest radiology)
AMBERAssisted Model Building with Energy Refinement
AMBERAssessing, Measuring, and Benchmarking Resilience (computer durability assessment project)
AMBERAreal Mean Basin Estimated Rainfall (National Weather Service Forecast Office; US NOAA)
AMBERAstronomical Multiple Beam Recombiner
AMBERAdaptive Minimum Bit-Error Rate
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Now it has, you see, been twice mended, once in the wooden stem and once in the amber.
Marvel not at that, Sancho my friend," said Don Quixote; "for let me tell thee devils are crafty; and even if they do carry odours about with them, they themselves have no smell, because they are spirits; or, if they have any smell, they cannot smell of anything sweet, but of something foul and fetid; and the reason is that as they carry hell with them wherever they go, and can get no ease whatever from their torments, and as a sweet smell is a thing that gives pleasure and enjoyment, it is impossible that they can smell sweet; if, then, this devil thou speakest of seems to thee to smell of amber, either thou art deceiving thyself, or he wants to deceive thee by making thee fancy he is not a devil.
Here the stream merely rinsed its bed, there it stood so still, in pools of liquid amber, that, when the sun shone, the very pebbles showed their shadows in the deepest places.
Amber, 27, previously shared she was hoping to welcome a boy.
The breathtaking portable mosque is a creation of the Amber Palm Group, known for its extensive amber product range.
The DOJ currently operates a pilot program that offers AMBER Alert training services to Native American tribes.
It was a perfect venue for what Amber had in mind-make her 18th birthday more meaningful.
Model Cara Delevingne, 24, and actress Margot Robbie, 26, helped Amber, 30, blow off steam in London.
Amber had in the past fallen out with the Kardashians as her best mate Blac Chyna previously dated Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Tyga and is now dating Kim's brother Rob.
Alongside the films, a member of the Amber collective will be there to talk about the process of documentary filmmaking, Amber as an organization, and their film archive.
Hundreds of years later, amber is a commodity that retains its allure for people like Frants Kristensen, who has collected amber from the shores of the Baltic Sea for over 50 years.