AMBGArab-Malaysian Banking Group (Malaysia)
AMBGAmerica's Most Beautiful Girls (pageants)
AMBGAmerican-Mongolian Business Group (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
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The remaining three residents who received AMBG were susceptible to HBV infection.
Those facilities were notified by VDH about the outbreak, educated about proper AMBG and infection control practices, and advised to consider patients with diabetes for hepatitis B vaccination based on CDC guidelines (4).
In February 2009, VDH was notified of one case of acute HBV infection in a resident, aged 71 years, who was receiving AMBG (Figure).
Best's AMBG index was down only 10%, the best-performing index in 2008.
market on Thursday, August 28, the AMBG stood at 1036.
market on Thursday, August 7, the AMBG stood at 1045.
market close on Thursday, July 31, the AMBG stood at 1042.
Best's Global Insurance Composite Index AMBG AMBGT A.