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AMBNAmeloblastin Enamel Matrix Protein
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Through the points A and B one draws parallels to the axes of the Cartesian system XY and one thus one forms a rectangle AMBN whose one of the diagonals is just AB.
Let's note by O the midpoint of the diagonal AB, but O is also the center of symmetry (intersection of the diagonals) of the rectangle AMBN.
Recently a gene encoding a second amleoblast specific protein, Enamelin has been mapped to the AIH2 critical region within 15kb of AMBN.
The enamelin gene, ENAM, has been mapped with different techniques to the same region on chromosome 4q as AIH2 and AMBN, suggesting that this region could contain a cluster of genes encoding enamel proteins.
NOTE TO EDITORS: In the directions to access BestWire AMBN <GO> noted in this news release, there is a less than symbol before GO and a greater than symbol after GO.