AMBRAlbuquerque Metropolitan Board of Realtors
AMBRAnaerobic Migrating Blanket Reactor
AMBRAssociative Memory-Based Reasoning
AMBRAmerican Medical Bill Review, LLC
AMBRAgent-based Modeling and Behavioral Representation project
AMBRAggregated Maximum Bit Rate
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In the end, the judges named Darryl and Terri Hollenbeck's classically styled roadster the winner, adding another honor to Darryl's long list of accomplishments that include AMBR wins in 2013 and 2005.
Winning an AMBR is a dream; to win it with my own car, wow, I'm over the moon about that," Hollenbeck said.
Using AMBR characteristics, Pellerin proposes behaviors that illustrate the strengths of each personality type.
Integrating Memory and Reasoning in Analogy-Making: The AMBR Model.
Hes painted three AMBR winners and several Pebble Beach Concours dElegance winners, and his cars have embellished the covers of publications such as Street Rodder and Rodders Journal.
La iunctura, per quanto in sequenza opposta e riferita a diverso episodio biblieo, ma all'interno di analoga figura con maledicere, anche in AMBR.
SOAR, ACT-R, GOMS, FORR, AMBR, OMAR, BRAHMS, and APEX were among the modeling approaches and architectures represented.