AMCDAssociation of Managed Care Dentists (formerly Association of Managed Care Providers)
AMCDArthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, Distal
AMCDActivity Monitoring Completion Detection
AMCDAnnular Momentum Control Device (NASA)
AMCDAlamosa Mosquito Control District (est. 1966; Alamosa, CO)
AMCDActive Matrix Color Display
AMCDAdvanced Multipurpose Color Display
AMCDAssociation for Multicultural Counseling and Development
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Designed to he completely modular for quick installation, easy maintenance and cost effective provisioning, the AMCD uses spectrally efficient 64 QAM for the transmission of digital data over narrow radio frequency channels.
The AMCD is available in the 6 GHZ and 10 GHZ frequency bands, in channel capacities up to DS3+DS I.
Because of practices of exclusion of ethnic/racial minorities in professional activities, the Association of Non-White Concerns (ANWC), now AMCD, came into existence (Arredondo, 2003).
Thus, it became imperative for AMCD to assume a leadership role to assist the mental health professions in recognizing the assets of culture, ethnicity, race, and other social identities as indelible dimensions of every human being, and to address concerns about ethical practice.
Commissioned by then Presidents of AMCD, Thomas Parham and Marlene Rutherford-Rhodes, the Competencies were prepared by the AMCD Professional Standards Committee in consultation with organizational leadership.
We salute AMCD and its members for taking on what in our view is a monumental task.
This article responds to four reactions to Weinrach and Thomas's (2002) critique of the AMCD Multicultural Counseling Competencies.
Members of the counseling profession (especially those counselors who are part of the dominant cultural-racial group) do expose their own racist tendencies and help perpetuate the types of white supremacy that continue to be manifested in our profession when they repeatedly criticize the AMCD competencies and do not offer viable alternatives to the work that has been done in this area.
Beutler, Machado, & Neufeldt, 1994; Ivey, 1994), there are some major problems with the content and organization of the AMCD Competencies.
As of August, 2001, the only empirical study reported in the ERIC and PsycINFO databases on the AMCD Competencies, per se, was conducted by Holcomb-McCoy (2000) and then it was based upon the 1992 version (Sue, Arredondo, & McDavis); not the most reent version (Arrondondo et al.