AMCENAfrican Ministerial Conference on the Environment
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AMCEN, was established in 1985 and includes 54 countries.
In a bid to transform to more environmentally friendly ways, the AMCEN organisers announced the information will be made available only through digital platforms, including e-mail and flash drives.
This is the first time the meeting is held in Cairo - the birth place of AMCEN - in thirty years since the inception of the Conference in 1985.
UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, said, "On its 30th Anniversary, I extend my warmest congratulations to AMCEN and to Africa's leadership for having ably steered environmental governance across the continent for the last three decades; inspiring action, pioneering reform and charting a durable path towards sustainability and better lives and livelihoods for all.
Egypt convened the very first AMCEN meeting in Cairo 30 years ago.