AMCLAlternative Maximum Contaminant Level (air and water quality)
AMCLAsset Management Company Ltd. (Investment Corporation of Bangladesh)
AMCLAssociation of Media Composers and Lyricists (California)
AMCLAnother MUD Client
AMCLAttestation Ministérielle de Compétence Linguistique (French: Ministerial Language Skills Certificate)
AMCLAsset Management Consultants Limited (UK)
AMCLApproved Military-Standard Change Letters
AMCLÁrea de Mata Ciliar Legal (Portugese)
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AMCL represents more than 40 leading apparel machinery manufacturers from all over the world including JUKI, Tajima, Fukuhara, MECA, Seit, Pegasus, Lectra, Kansai, Shima Seiki, MEI International, Organ, Koban to name a few.
EPA AMCL of 4,000 pCi/L, and c) the average radon level measured in the local municipal drinking water system at 5.
AMCL founder and CEO Shailesh Dash expressed delighted at receiving the Category 3 DFSA licence.
AMCL is also launching a private equity fund focused on growth capital in the Menasa region.
AMCL will begin its operation with 70 researchers and engineers in the first year with plans to expand its staff to 1,000 in 2005.
AMCL has performed successfully and helped push growth in the industrial division to 14 per cent, over the division's 10 per cent target, he said.
As an important strategic focus within AMCL's financial services segment, TATIL has the support and commitment of AMCL and benefits from group synergies, along with access to AMCL's considerable resources, including information technology and financial and investment management services.
Al Masah Capital's newly-launched IPO Fund is open for subscription; AMCL IPO Fund will target specific regional IPOs that provide the best potential for growth.
The AMCL Fund has already paid out six per cent and with a total return of 21 per cent, we have enough capacity to continue our quarterly dividend payouts for the foreseeable future," Dash explained.
An agreement facilitating ITMinds to offer back office services for two upcoming Pension Funds of ABL AMCL is signed by ABL Asset Management Company Ltd (ABL AMCL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Bank Limited (ABL) and ITMinds Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited).
AMCL, which has been incorporated as an exempted limited liability company under the provisions of the Companies Law (as amended) of the Cayman Islands intends to take investment options to a more dynamic level and offer its client base a service that is unrivalled," said Shailesh Dash, founder of AMCL.
AMCL is one of the largest diversified companies in the Caribbean and is publicly-traded on the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange.