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AMCOMAviation and Missile Command (US Army)
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AMCOM hotline answers and advice are good to go because they are reviewed and approved by subject matter experts at the Aviation and Missile Research Development Center.
Army Materiel Command (AMC), issued Permanent Orders 344-1, specifying that AMCOM be established at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, on a permanent basis effective 1 October 1997.
potentially waiving the need for sample castings for parts when the supplier has proven process and quality capability to AMCOM on a part family member,
An effort to comply with the Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994, which mandates reducing time between proposals and awards, pushed AMCOM to develop the Omnibus 2000 (O2K) program.
To check if you're using the correct product and if you're in compliance, contact the AMCOM Environmental Hotline for guidance.
Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command (AMCOM) to provide information technology (IT) support services to AMCOM and tenants at Redstone Arsenal.
In many cases, these laboratories are collocated with TACOM, CECOM, and AMCOM, plus we have other laboratory support around the country.
A DA Form 2028 is how AMCOM wants to hear from you.
For the last two years, the G-4 E-Team was a single focal point for the AMCOM to address environment, safety and occupational health issues in aviation and missile programs, providing acquisition and engineering sustainment guidance and expertise to multiple stakeholders.
The AMCOM AED Apache Division deals in offering airworthiness and qualification engineering support to the Apache Attack Helicopter Project Manager's Office (H PMO), and also the Life Cycle Management Center (LCMC) for U.
But before you grab one for saying aviation hydraulic fluid or engine oil, AMCOM says the bottles are not authorized for aviation use.
The contract was awarded under the AMCOM EXPRESS contract vehicle.