AMDECAnalyse des Modes de Défaillance, de Leurs Effets et de Leur Criticité (French for FMECA)
AMDECAvon Maitland Distance Education Centre (Seaforth, Ontario, Canada)
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The AMDEC purpose is to co-ordinate the activities of its members to reach JCI purposes and to promote the specific interests of the area for the benefit of its members.
AMDEC objectives are to coordinate the activities of these countries to achieve specific targets (growth and development) while exchanging information, skills and experience between them.
Exposed to Rapid Cooling; Studies on Morphological Maintenance of Campylo-bacter jejuni Cells Under Long-term Starvation at 4[degrees]C by Image Analysis; Detection of Campylobacter jejuni Active Cells at Low Temp-erature: Application of AMDEC to Con-tainment of Refrigerating Plant: Study of Psychrotrophic Micro-organisms Isolated from Celery then Stored at a Low Temperature: Characterisation of Enzyme Activity Causing Spoilage of Celery: Microbial Contamination of Hungarian and Imported Deep-frozen Foods; Production of Viable Non-cultivable Forms of Campylobacter jejuni Using Application of Cold and Nutritional Deficiency: Determination of the Aeromonas Group in Deep Frozen Foods.