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AMDOArticulated Motion and Deformable Objects (computer imaging)
AMDOAviation Maintenance Duty Officer (US Navy)
AMDOAeronautical Maintenance Duty Officer
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It is said that Patrul Rinpoche made one hundred prostrations in the direction of Amdo as a result (Ricard xv, xv n.
After rapid development that we are seeing throughout our journey, Amdo remains like a typical highway town, the main purpose of its existence seems to be to cater to the vehicles plying on the Golmud- Lhasa road.
The group said it received two photographs of the body, which remains at the Tso Monastery in the Amdo region, part of eastern occupied Tibet.
In this study we present Ce anomaly determinations from late Jurassic ammonites found in black shales of the Amdo Highway 114 station, southern Qiangtang basin.
In 1952, at the age of two, Arjia Rinpoche was recognized as the eighth reincarnation of the head abbot of the culturally rich and historically powerful Kumbum Monastery in Amdo, Eastern Tibet (alt.
Over half its territory, consisting of the provinces of Amdo and Kham, was incorporated into China proper, with the Tibetan province of U-Tsang left as the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR).
47) As the authorities tried to enforce collectivization, there were large-scale uprisings in Kham and Amdo, where many monasteries were destroyed and monks murdered.
To guard against the Tangut State (also known as the Western Xia[1038-1227]), a rising threat to the security of north-western China, the Song Empire forged alliance with the largest Tibetan regime located in the Amdo area under the leadership of Gusiluo and his successors, who were given high-ranking official positions by the Song government.
Thanks to donations from Gap Adventures travellers and staff, Planeterra was able to fund a recent Eye Camp in Amdo Province of Tibet that restored the sight of 207 people aged 7 to 95.
Alhosain Wald Amdo has hailed the international status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its political and humanitarian stands especially on the support for the Palestinian cause and Muslims&' causes.
Amdo, Stephen Artim, Jamal Ibn-Khary Atif, Christopher J.
While describing the historical relations of conflict between Chinese forces and ethnic Tibetans living in regions adjacent to China, the writer cited a book by Teichman published in 1922 that described harsh treatment of Chinese authorities to ethnic Tibetans living in the eastern Tibetan regions of Kham and Amdo.