AME2Apparent Mineralocorticoid Excess, Type 2
AME2Action Movie Essentials 2 (video)
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The relative percentages of myosin, PM, actin, and the M/A and M/PM ratios obtained by densitometric analysis of the gels of AME1 and AME2 are shown in Table 1.
Thus, the decrease in the MHC and the increase in the 155-kDa and 55-kDa components observed in AME2 from fin of frozen, stored squid harvested by trawling were probably the result of proteolytic activity.
Such decreases occurred during the first and third months of storage for AME1 and AME2, respectively.
At time 0, SoANS of AME2 values were significantly (P < 0.
The changes in the ES of AME1 and AME2 are shown in Figure 6.
In this way, the higher ES values of AME2 compared with AME1 could be the result of a greater unfolding and higher exposure of the hydrophobic groups or a higher content of flexible peptides that can migrate to the interface.
The hazrep also revealed that AME2 Henderson's troubleshooting actions were essential to the discovery of this hazard.
I planned on reading the checklist aloud, while my fellow AME2 completed each required action in turn.
The AME2 had disconnected the crossover shaft for the seat's time-delay mechanism, which had, in turn, fired one of the many small explosive charges on the ejection seat.