AMEDAArizona Middle Eastern Dance Association
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The presentations made during the meeting, by specialised system providers and those in technical planning and development, share the experience of markets in the region and obstacles they faced during implementation that encouraged AMEDA members to develop its own systems," Muscat Clearing and Depository Company general manager Abdulla Al Nabhani said.
AMEDA started with six members and now it currently includes more than 25 members.
AMEDA unifies the rules and legislations of all members in a way that facilitates the exchange of knowledge between its members.
A global custodian with a direct presence in 29 locations worldwide, SGSS works closely with AMEDA and shares its recognised experience and expertise in the international securities services industry to support the organisation in its objectives.
Kudance developed AMEDA, which used a computer to automatically calculate percent dispersion (ref.
The 43 sites for the AMeDAS system in 23 prefectures in western and southwestern Japan had started sending out incorrect data on rain precipitation levels, temperatures and wind velocities from around 1 a.