AMEDDArmy Medical Department (US Army)
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Currently, we do not have any standard program to teach fiscal law within the AMEDD except those online resources that are used to help in certifying government purchase card holders and contracting officer's representatives, or the occasional ad hoc class that is taught only at the request of a local resource management office or a course manager.
RDECOM STTC (Orlando, FL), in partnership with MRMC (Fort Detrick, MD) and with AMEDD Center and School (Fort Sam Houston, TX), initiated the research effort to develop enhanced tools and technologies for training combat medics.
Strong, effective leadership at all levels across the AMEDD is as important now as it has ever been.
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Competencies, AMEDD military unique curriculum, residency review committee professionalism training, and maintenance of certification requirements can be met with elements of the proposed curriculum.
Surveys were conducted with the intent of identifying which of 20 skills AMEDD personnel deemed most important in the person they identified as their most admired leader.
20,21) Diversity mentoring should be deliberately pursued with much vigor by all AMEDD leaders, especially those who seek to forge and cement an enduring legacy as masters of leader mentoring.
This article discusses how the concepts, techniques, and practices of The Leadership Challenge have been incorporated into leadership training within AMEDD.
AMEDD doctrine has traditionally described ten medical battlefield operating systems; the major healthcare functions that are employed to provide care in theater.
Veteran medics, who serve as instructors, quickly incorporate lessons learned from battlefield experiences into the training programs, and share them within the Army Medical Department using Medical Warfighter Forum and the AMEDD Issue Program (https://www.
The issue of radiation safety is often tackled by CBRN leaders in brigade combat teams, but AMEDD has dedicated professionals for that purpose.
Many of the MLT instructors at the AMEDD Center and School have combat experience and use their experience when training new students just starting the MLT course.
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