AMEPAdult Migrant English Program
AMEPAdult Migrant Education Program (Australia)
AMEPAfrican Middle East Petroleum Co.
AMEPAsymptotic Multi-User Error Probability
AMEPAssociation for Medical Education in Pakistan
AMEPAutomated Missile Engagement Planner
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Before tuition begins, AMEP service providers assess each individual's English language skills.
solicited and received on behalf of AMEP several million barrels of allocations of oil from 1998 to 2001.
Neil Etherington, group development director at Able UK, said: "The AMEP will provide the full range of facilities needed by renewable energy industries, not only creating more than 4,000 direct jobs, but acting as a catalyst for establishing the Humber as the 'Energy Estuary' of the UK.
Stephenson said: "During the public hearings into our plans for AMEP, its significance was compared to the impact of the Nissan development in the North East and this is no exaggeration.
describe the current computing practices of teachers in AMEP
Everyone, apart from ABP, will be hoping that it fails just like all their other attempts to derail the AMEP project and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it offers to transform the economy of North Lincolnshire and the wider region, as well as playing a central role in meeting the Government's ambition for establishing the UK as a centre of excellence for renewable energy technologies.
Peter Stephenson, Able executive chairman, said: "Mr Pickles visit and his department's awarding of the grant is, I believe, a huge vote of confidence in our ambitions to provide at AMEP the full range of facilities needed by the emerging renewable energy sectors.
AMEP will provide around 1,500 metres of new deep-water quays and, in characteristically pioneering mode, is one of the first and largest 'nationally significant' projects to experience the new planning process spawned by the 2008 Planning Act to provide an effective 'fast-track' for major infrastructure projects.
The Young Explorers catalog was a segment of the Summit Learning operation purchased earlier this year by AMEP.
Bosses say the move by a Parliamentary Committee to throw out an objection to the AMEP scheme, which was brought by Associated British Ports, has provided 'impetus' - with the recent delivery of key machinery to site.
Thygesen, President of AMEP, stated, "Since American Educational Products returned to profitability, we have been able to resume our long-range strategies.
The evolution of the AMEP electrotransferred melanoma lesions was compared with that of a distant lesion in the same patient, with the same initial size.