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AMERINDAmerican Indian
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From this derives the Sino-Caucasian root *=VxqV and the Amerind root *ko?
He said Amerind anticipates moving its captive onshore, possibly to the District of Columbia, when the timing is right.
Linguistics, genetics and archaeology: internal and external evidence in the Amerind controversy, Transactions of the Philological Society 93: 125-225.
The AmerInd acquisition significantly increases FCBS' presence in the Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the National Guard Bureau and supports the FCBS strategy to expand core businesses into new Federal, Civilian, and Defense customers.
Other team members working with Trident Data Systems and the Lockheed Martin team include AmerInd, LESCO, bd Systems Inc.
He kept detailed notes on each item and created his own private museum, "The Museum of Amerind Arts.
95) presents the mysterious murder of a reality TV crew member--by Cheyenne arrow--and the suspect is the sheriff's half brother whose Amerind heritage made him a born-again Cheyenne with a bad temper.
AMERIND, HISPANIC population in each Population Division, Annual group to total Time Series of County population.
Belyaev, Ruby and Sapphire, Nauka Publishers, Moscow (1974), translated from Russian, National Bureau of Standards, national Science Foundation, and Amerind Publishing Co.
As Native Cinema goes through growing pains, Sonny Skyhawk, a producer and the CEO of Amerind Entertainment Group (a Native film production company in Los Angeles) points out that Native filmmakers are having to play catch-up at an accelerated pace.