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AMERINDAmerican Indian
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The enthusiastic response to the GPS program emboldened Paul to launch another program to help make tribal policyholders more visible: giving Amerind policyholders, many of whom are poor, live in rural areas and don't have checking accounts, access to debit cards.
Batista O, Kolman CJ, Bermingham E (1995) Mitochondrial DNA diversity in the Kuna Amerinds of Panama.
Amerind claims to be the first company to have manufactured bulk ANFO trucks.
15) Australian (Australia); 16) Na-Dene (Alaska, Western Canada, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico); 17) Amerind (North, Central, South America).
Related are the Eurasiatic root *wVkV, the Afroasiatic Semitic root *wVkH- for 'clamor' and 'boast', and SinoCaucasian root *=VxqV, and the Amerind root *ko?
Kent Paul, CEO of Amerind, said in a statement that the broker's actions had "jeopardized" the TEIP program.
2010 'Omaha skewing in Australia and New Guinea: Diachronic hypotheses', paper presented to the Crow-Omaha seminar, Amerind Center, Arizona, February (forthcoming in P Whiteley and T Trautmann (eds), Crow and Omaha Kinship Systems, University of Arizona Press, Tucson).
Such reversals are unusual in Indo-European languages, but are common in Asian and Amerind languages.
Amerind has evolved from operating one risk-sharing plan to operating four that serve the various insurance needs within Indian Country.
Gauthier served in some capacity from the time Amerind was created until his term as chair was over in 2004.
Amerind populations showing very high Hp1 allele frequencies amazingly proved their ability to cross the ocean on simple rafts without any advanced shipbuilding knowledge or technology (8).