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AMESAmes Department Stores, Inc. (stock symbol)
AMESAdult Multicultural Education Services (Australia)
AMESAdult Measure of Essential Skills (reading comprehension standardized test)
AMESAsociacion Mexicana de Educacion Sexual (Spanish: Mexican Sexual Education Association)
AMESAdvanced Multiple Environment Simulator
AMESAvtomatski Merilni Sistemi Za Okolje (Slovenian: Automatic Measuring Systems for the Environment; electronics company)
AMESAerospace, Marine and Electronics Systems Sector (Canada)
AMESArchitectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural (construction plans)
AMESAdvanced Materials and Energy Systems (Orenda Aerospace Corporation, Ottawa, ON, Canada)
AMESApplied Mechanical and Engineering Sciences (UCSD department)
AMESAirborne Mission Equipment Subsystem
AMESAutomated Message Entry System
AMESApplication Management Environment and Support
AMESAdvanced Multi-Configuration Environment Simulator (formerly ASWCS)
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Ames is survived by his parents, Horace and Ruth Ames; his wife, Dianna L.
1774" is embossed into all shovel heads, along with the AMES logo, as a reminder of the brand's longstanding and distinctly American lineage
On the simplest human level, Ames was horrified by what he found in the defeated South.
This type of Victorian furniture is hard to find, especially on the West Coast,'' Ames said.
The fellowship intends to do an ad campaign in local newspapers, brochure mailouts and put promotions in place at every golf course in Northern Ontario, says Ames.
Also on view were color photographs from the "Insertions" series, in which Ames and Bordwin interact with industrial architectural structures.
The IofNEWT (Integration of Numerical and Experimental Wind Tunnels) project at NASA Ames incorporates several innovations.
Ames has been an active venture capital investor in alternative energy companies, technologies, processes and services.
The Rental Equipment Register (RER), considered the acknowledged source of information on the rental industry since 1957, ranked AMES at #94 on their Top 100 Rental Equipment Companies of 2012.
Certainly by 1995, we have him very much in our minds as a suspect,'' said Deutch, adding that the improved counterintelligence measures had enabled investigators to focus on Nicholson much more quickly than they had on Ames.
In the process of tracking Ames over his three decades in the CIA, the authors give a valuable portrait of Agency culture, particularly the practice of recruiting spies.
While the Ames test still comes out ahead, he says, a battery of tests can now offer somewhat better discrimination of hazard risk than any one assay alone.