AMHRAmerican Miniature Horse Registry
AMHRAmbrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum (Latin: Magick Nectar of the Rose Garden; Gnostic church confederation)
AMHRApplied Mental Health Research
AMHRAdult Mental Health Rehabilitation (New Jersey)
AMHRAdvanced Mental Health Response (law enforcement)
AMHRAmerican Morgan Horse Registry
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The Board of Directors expects that AMHR will continue to issue subsequent Series 'D' Preferred Stock as a reward for each future acquisition in our consolidation campaign.
A recent AMHR press release detailed the signing of a letter of intent to acquire one of California's largest closed door pharmacies.
The accelerating trend toward consolidation in the pharmacy outsourcing industry continues to provide AMHR with a selection of high-quality acquisition candidates.
Christopher Wheeler, the founder and chief executive officer of AMHR, stated: "The NIPSI-Houston transaction did not live up to our expectations for a regional component of AMHR.
With the completion of the NIPSI-Texas acquisition, we have established AMHR as a major pharmacy provider in the Southwestern United States.
Wheeler went on to say, "The acquisition of the operating assets of NIPSI-Houston by AMHR is a natural fit.
Also, in today's edition of Investor's Business Daily, AMHR showcases its three recent acquisition agreements and receipt of a $10 million equity commitment from an institutional investment fund, Cornell Capital Partners, LP (pg.
with AMHR is well timed in the industry and we look forward to working together for many years to come.
OTCBB: AMHR) today announced the signing of a $10 million financial commitment whereby AMHR has the right to require Cornell Capital Partners, LP to purchase shares of the company's common stock in amounts up to $600,000 per month to a maximum of $10 million.
Christopher Wheeler, the founder and chief executive officer of AMHR stated: "We are very pleased with the addition of NIPSI and the quality pharmacy management team currently working in both the Houston and San Antonio markets.
30, 2002 AMHR earned $101,500 on revenue of $271,000.
By pooling purchasing and technical resources with AMHR our members will become stronger competitors in the marketplace.