AMI-CAutomotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration, Inc.
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The AMI-C specifications are based on the Java(TM) programming language and utilize the new OSGi Service Platform Release 3 specification.
Two key parts of the AMI-C specification are the Vehicle Services Interface (VSI) API and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) API.
In addition to the VSI and HMI, AMI-C has defined eight other infrastructure APIs.
The AMI-C specifications are being published on the AMI-C web site (www.
AMI-C is a global organization of vehicle manufacturers.
OSGi and AMI-C are the leading standards for the wireless automotive services market.
Use of the OSGi framework is also attractive to automakers because it is common to other industries," said AMI-C Program Manager Pom Malhotra.
Integration of the OSGi framework by AMI-C should be completed by the fall of this year.
AMI-C will outline how the OSGi framework integrates into the AMI-C software architecture and how AMI-C and OSGi specifications complement each other at OSGi World Congress Sept.
This partnership will speed the availability of common specifications related to the integration of position-based communications and services into vehicles," said Dave Acton, AMI-C President and Board Chairman.
AMI-C is a global organization of automotive manufacturers representing the majority of the world's vehicle production.