AMI-CAutomotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration, Inc.
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AMI-C Release 2 Architectural Overview: Describes the structure (logical components and interconnections), functionality (features and functions) and applications associated with AMI-C's standardized interfaces.
AMI-C System Requirements: Defines system-level requirements and expected functional and physical capabilities associated with AMI-C's standardized interfaces.
The OSGi Alliance has had a very productive relationship with AMI-C and the automotive industry since early 2000," said Dr.
The AMI-C specifications are based on the Java(TM) programming language and utilize the new OSGi Service Platform Release 3 specification.
These AMI-C specifications are being developed through the cooperative efforts and consensus of industry experts from around the world, including auto manufacturers, computer software companies, network developers, and automotive suppliers.
This new memorandum of understanding is designed to assure the alignment of 1394 Trade Association programs, processes and automotive networking programs with the related processes, specifications and requirements established by AMI-C.
AMI-C is a global consortium of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, telematics suppliers and industry experts that aims to establish common multimedia interfaces in future automotive information and entertainment systems.
OSGi is delighted that the results of our work with AMI-C since early 2000 have been adopted as the underlying framework of the AMI-C software platform for mobile information and entertainment solutions," said Dr.
The AMI-C specifications are designed with flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing trends of the electronic device industry, and can accommodate either 1394 or MOST as candidate high-speed buses.
AMI-C represents automobile manufacturers and has been at work to standardize an interface for communications and entertainment systems for vehicles.
Other benefits that AMI-C specifications offer to the industry include:
Since our company was founded in 1996, all of our technology and business strategies have been consistent with the AMI-C goals.