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AMICAsian Media Information and Communication Centre
AMICAustralian Meat Industry Council
AMICAdvertising Media Internet Center
AMICAutomotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration
AMICAustralian Mining Industry Council
AMICAsian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre
AMICAutomotive Multimedia Interface Consortium
AMICApple Memory-Mapped I/O Controller
AMICAcquisition Management and Integration Center (US DoD; Hampton, VA)
AMICAutomated Management Information Center
AMICAircraft Mishap Investigation Course (US Air Force)
AMICArkwright Mutual Insurance Co.
AMICAdvanced Medical Imaging Consultants PC (Fort Collins, CO)
AMICAssociation Marocaine des Interprètes de Conférence (French: Moroccan Association of Conference Interpreters; est. 2004; Morocco)
AMICAmerican Military Industrial Complex
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AMIC Director Mustafa Hussein told Daily News Egypt that about 280,000 cars will be sold, a drop of only 4-5%, despite the challenges the sector has been facing.
We have worked with AMIC and Airbus in various other projects and we know this will be another strategic partnership that will spur industry growth not only for Malaysia, but also for the region.
The AMIC and CDPE unveiled these advanced manufacturing technologies at an exclusive media tour today.
AMIC has 35 member automotive manufacturer and provides industry information on Egypt.
As it unveils this new Web portal, AMIC encourages patients, family members, providers and community leaders to use RightScanRightTime.
This has now developed into CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan), which is administered all across Canada by AMIC with additional branches.
AMIC is now a specialty writer that has focused on writing small, niche program business and other small risks, primarily focused on commercial automobile (taxi, limo, short-haul trucking), auto physical damage and authorized workers' compensation.
He said some companies have a high stock as a result of the low demand on cars, which contradicts with their sales' reports submitted to AMIC.
Given that LUKOIL-Ukraine is one of the top five leaders of the Ukrainian fuel market in terms of the number of filling stations and the volume of retail petroleum-product sales, its purchase is a strategically important step to improve AMIC s investment portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe.
The science advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, chairman of MIGHT, BioTech Corp and AMIC, Prof Emeritus Dato Sri Dr.
To address the deterioration in its capitalization AMIC initiated significant agency management actions, rate adjustments and non-renewal of its multi-peril crop insurance line.
AMIC said 4,000 trucks were sold in September this year, compared to 4,700 trucks last year, a decline of 14%.