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AMICEAssociation of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
AMICEAssociate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
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But taking the test for the purpose of learning and knowing one's situation is not the only reason why AMICE says it is encouraging broad participation.
The amice "is truly a pre-Vatican II vestment, not required in any circumstances," he says.
It is completely forbidden for all priests to play with dice or attend spectacles or be present at dances or enter taverns in order to drink, or to enter strange houses without an amice [ecclesiastical garb] and in company with a cleric or layperson or to wander through streams and squares; it is completely forbidden for them to wear winged capes [with wide sleeves] and unusual clothes.
AMice do smell a bit and shampooing him won't help.
The actor could have worn the traditional cope and amice combination, and simply attached the badge.
34-40): "litem fuge, amice, malignam / invidiaeque luem, ne dum contendere verbis / ipse paras, patiare nefas et tristia facta: / iudice nam pravo superant mendacia verum, / et vis iura premit.
1-3, 13: "Angustam amice pauperiem pati / robustus acri militia puer / condiscat [.
Regular worship per Amice Hubback Vosper, who died in February, left pounds 2.
Apart from providing a showcase for actor-producers Cady Huffman and Amice Turner, that is.
1=2, or partly so, in NTC / ** ditto in NTC and W3 word common theme root 1 ajar not right/tight half open < on char amice clerical garb collar, drape <L approve Be favourable.
CREATIVE MINDS Alice Donnelly, Sophie Thomas, Amice DeFeu and Rosheen Fehily, strut their stuff.