AMICUAssociation of Mersey Intensive Care Units (UK)
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The study of amicus curiae briefs, unsurprisingly, has focused almost exclusively on the federal courts.
Amicus previously reported that enrollment has been completed for the study and the company expects the results to be available in the third quarter of 2009.
Karen Reay has recently moved from Amicus/CPHVA to a new post in the Amicus finance sector.
Amicus and the company have been exploring ways to avoid closure.
Amicus North West regional secretary, Kevin Coyne, said: "We are here to support Polish migrant workers and ensure they are not faced with problems such as pay below the agreed hourly rates within industries and poor terms and conditions.
Amicus wants to see the burden of this solution shared fairly between employee and employers.
The dispute follows the unsuccessful appeal hearing of Amicus convenor Jerry Hicks on Tuesday.
But the National Union of Teachers, which is opposed to specialist schools, accused Amicus of supporting the privatisation of public services and flouting TUC policy.
When it is necessary and appropriate, the court in Alberta has the power to appoint a lawyer to assist the court -- an amicus curiae -- in making decisions that relate to children.
If you purchased or otherwise acquired Amicus Therapeutics between March 19, 2015 and October 1, 2015, your rights may be affected by this action.
In particular, this Comment points out that courts in civil law countries in different regions around the world now accept amicus briefs.