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AMIGOAdvanced Messaging In Groups
AMIGOAmerican Members of International Goodwill to Others
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Amigo will go to the door, tap it with his foot, Lucien will open it and the two of them barge in.
The doctor can use the Amigo to move catheters via the remote controller safely in an adjacent room outside the x-ray zone, thereby reducing the radiation exposure and eliminating the need for wearing heavy lead aprons.
Tal caracteristica e muito importante, pois os tracos distintivos da cantiga de amigo sao a sensualidade e a possibilidade de realizacao do amor-paixao nos encontros amorosos.
There are currently 16 Amigo c-stores in Europe, including the eight UK stores.
Supermercados Amigos, which operates 35 stores, will retain its Amigo brand name, and Jose Revuelta will remain president.
There are additionally 10 runner-up prizes of the Amigo teddy bear and toothbrush.
Ah, mi amigo, we are losing the shape of the circle.
For more information on Amigo Loans visit http://www.
There's Henri ``Hank'' Amigo, ``Nobody's'' writer/producer, a third-grade teacher at North Hollywood's Fair Avenue Elementary School, after whom the Amigos Mentoring Program is named.
Foodservice giant Compass is consolidating its worldwide convenience store operations under a new global brand called Amigo.
District Court Juan Perez Gimenez's ruling on Wal-Mart's purchase of the Amigo supermarket chain, reports The San Juan Star (March 22, 2003).
The bull, inappropriately named Amigo, paws the ground for a split second then charges.