AMJAcademy of Management Journal
AMJAssociation Mondiale des Journaux (French: World Association of Newspapers; est. 1948)
AMJAmerican Muslims for Jerusalem
AMJAdvisory Material Joint
AMJAhmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
AMJAssemblée Mondiale de La Jeunesse (French: World Assembly of Youth)
AMJAhmadiyya Muslim Jama'at
AMJAssociation des Maires et Communes du Jura (French: Association of Mayors and Municipalities of Jura; Jura, France)
AMJAssociation Marie Jaëll (France)
AMJAsociación Mujeres Jóvenes (Spanish: Young Women's Association)
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They considered several different vendors and manufacturers, and finally settled on AMJ Spectacular Events, from the Chicago area, Fly Wire[TM] Zip Line.
we had a personal interest in understanding the relative importance Canadians give to the attributes identified by the AMJ board.
He has been instrumental in turning many of the franchise operators in the AMJ Campbell family into millionaires themselves, and On the Move is his effort to reach beyond this group to the public at large to share those same lessons.
That, of course, creates opportunities for real estate managers, said Beau Beery, CPM and director of commercial brokerage and asset management for AMJ Inc.
Company senior associates Ardeshir Patel, Marcus Pery, Lorenzo Bruttomesso, Simon Ward and Rory Gilchrist were there to represent AMJ to receive the award.
But AMJ differs from other "business angels" in the amount it can invest.
The not so magnificent seven are: WR Endean: South Africa v England at Cape Town (195657) AMJ Hilditch: Australia v Pakistan at Perth (1978-79) Moshin Khan: Pakistan v Australia at Karachi (1982-83) DL Haynes: West Indies v India at Bombay (1983-84) GA Gooch: England v Australia at Manchester (1993) SR Waugh: Australia v India at Madras (2001) MP Vaughan: England v India at Bangalore (2001)
About eDirectGlass eDirectGlass, owned by AMJ Logistics(TM), Inc.
AMJ Technologies, an IT support company based in Las Vegas, NV, has adopted Userful virtualization software to reduce the cost of its computing infrastructure and improve performance and quality control.
Air Cargo Containers, LLC was granted Technical Standard Order (TSO C90d)certificationfor its lightweight-composite AMJ model Unit Load Device (ULD) in December 2013.