AMJAAssembly of Muslim Jurists in America (Folsom, CA)
AMJAAmerican Mah-Jongg Association (Baltimore, MD)
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The AMJA scholars then went back and deliberated, asked additional questions, and finally released a Fatwa in October of 2014.
Those AMJA meetings were always interesting: lots of difference of opinions, arguments, etc.
Within a year, he was heading up Hawaii's Central YMCA Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, exercising himself, and reading with increasing interest the AMJA newsletters written by a certain California pathologist who vociferously prescribed distance running to treat heart disease.
AMJA put the walk with the talk and then had the idea to get cardiac patients running.
Even before AMJA expanded from its base in Van Nuys, CA, Ron saw the organization as multi-city.
Lawrence brought AMJA to Boston for the first time in 1971.
Even after AMJA changed its name to AMAA and merged with the American Running Association (ARA), Judi always headed east from California for the third Monday in April.
45) demonstrated guaiacpositive stools after the race in 7 of 32 AMJA marathoners.
Twenty-four AMJA runners joined Lawrence and other unofficial "bandit" entrants at the back of the Boston Marathon pack.
He himself became inspired to run marathons and ultras from AMJA pioneers like Terry Kavanaugh and Ron Lawrence.
When AMJA was formed by Ron Lawrence we saw individuals like Sam Paris, Noel Nequin, Charlie Clark, and our "Energizer Bunny" Judi Babb usher in a new era in running.
The next year, at the AMJA prerace medical meeting, a first-time marathoner announced that he was going to set a world record in the 50-mile race--and he did just that