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AMKAng Mo Kio
AMKAngkor Mikroheranhvatho Kampuchea (Cambodia microfinance)
AMKAngkatan Muda Keadilan (Malaysia)
AMKAviation Museum of Kentucky, Inc. (est. 1981)
AMKArbo/Milieu/Kwaliteit (Dutch: Health/Environment/Quality)
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NAI Hanson senior vice president Tom Ryan and vice presidents Jeffrey DeMagistris, SIOR and Thomas Vetter, SIOR represented both the landlord and AMK USA in this transaction.
AMK and KAN are deoxystreptamine amino glycosides, which bind to a different locus on the 30S ribosome.
AMK is a long established Connecticut based provider of sophisticated welding and machining services for diversified aerospace and industrial customers.
Only three isolates of Sappanone B (3)/CAZ combination were observed synergy, and most of the combinations with AMK, GEN and CFZ exhibited additivity or indifference (Table 3).
The AMK will be fielded in four kits tailored to meet different mission requirements.
Aviva expects that completion of the sale of AMK will be achieved within one week.
Low molecular weight substances, including sesquiterpenoids and triterpenoids, were identified from AMK as inhibitors against [Na.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for AMK, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
The company operates two business segments: Explosive Metalworking, which uses proprietary explosive processes to fuse different metals and alloys, and AMK Welding, which utilizes various technologies to weld components for use in power-generation turbines, as well as commercial and military jet engines.
Third quarter sales at the Company's AMK Welding segment increased 28% to $1.