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AMLAnti-Money Laundering
AMLAcute Myeloid Leukemia
AMLAcute Myelogenous Leukemia
AMLAbandoned Mine Land
AMLAcute Myeloblastic Leukemia
AMLAcute Myelocytic Leukemia
AMLAdditional Maternity Leave (UK)
AMLAll My Love
AMLAmerican Microsystems Ltd
AMLARC Macro Language
AMLAdvanced Measurement Laboratory (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
AMLAir Malawi (ICAO code)
AMLAnterior Mitral Leaflet
AMLACPI Machine Language
AMLAdjustable Mortgage Loan
AMLApproximate Maximum Likelihood (estimator)
AMLA Manufacturing Language (robotics programming language)
AMLApproved Manufacturer List
AMLAdvanced Materials Laboratory
AMLAstronomical Markup Language
AMLAircraft Maintenance License
AMLApplied Mathematics Laboratory
AMLArea Medical Laboratory
AMLAdaptive Modeling Language
AMLAmerican Medical Laboratories, Inc.
AMLArchive for Mathematical Logic
AMLApproved Materials List
AMLAston Martin Lagonda Limited
AMLAmrad Corporation Limited
AMLAdditional Military Layer(s)
AMLAll My Loving (Beatles song)
AMLActual Measured Loss
AMLAmerican Mensa, Limited
AMLAcronym Master List (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
AMLAsk Me Later
AMLAssociation des Maires du Loiret (French: Association of Mayors of Loiret; Loiret, France)
AMLASN.1 Markup Language
AMLAcademia Medicinae Latviensis (Latvia)
AMLAutomated Mixed-media Library
AMLArmy Medical Laboratory
AMLAnterior MidLine (front part of the body divided by an imaginary line through its center)
AMLAirfield Marking and Lighting
AMLAmplitude-modulated Microwave Link
AMLAlteration Material List (US Navy Ship Alteration Record Term)
AMLAurora Macro Language
AMLAteliers Mécaniques de Lambersart (French: Lambersart Mechanical Workshops; Lambersart, France)
AMLAdaptive Maneuvering Logic
AMLAlliance pour une Médecine Libérale
AMLAdmiralty Materials Lab (UK)
AMLAddition Modulo Length (coding scheme)
AMLAlletess Medical Laboratory (Rockland, Massachusetts)
AMLAlternate Materials List
AMLAircraft Technical Manual List (TMINS)
AMLAmplitude Modulation with Noise Limiter
AMLAriba Markup Language
AMLAnne-Marie Losique (television personality)
AMLAdministrative Message designated to Law Enforcement (Kansas)
AMLAgriculture and Markets Law (New York)
AMLAgent Modeling Language (computing)
AMLApplication Markup Language (programming)
AMLAcquisition Master List (US Air Force)
AMLAcute Monocytic Leukemia (also seen as AMOL)
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Most cases with concomitant tumours had discrete RCC and AML areas within the same kidney (collision tumour) or had synchronous occurrence of RCC in one kidney and AML in the other kidney.
The quick resolution by the administrators and Timis Corporation Limited has prevented the closure of an important asset for the local and national community It is expected that, subject to the agreement of commercial terms, AML and ARPS will benefit substantially from lower infrastructure costs by virtue of higher tonnage, as well as the opportunities that will become possible through blending our combined products, accessing new markets in Europe and reducing our combined freight costs as a result, saving an estimated $12/t on current prices.
Several countries in the Middle East are striving to have more robust AML and countering the financing of terrorism functions in place.
It is a welcomed edition to provide specific information and reference data for hematologists who specialize in AML management.
The FATF now has recommended the expansion of the prevention pillar of the AML regime to a broad array of financial and non-financial businesses and to certain professions.
As noted above, the Section urges FinCEN to be sensitive to the costs of imposing Section 352 AML requirements on the commercial real estate industry Section 352 of the USA Patriot Act requires the establishment of an AML program, including, at a minimum, the following:
Twenty-nine cases of AML were retrieved from the files of the Division of Hematopathology at St Louis University Health Sciences Center (St Louis, Mo).
Morphologic, cytochemical, and immunocytochemical studies confirmed the diagnosis of AML (M4-FAB).
AML Communications can be found on the World Wide Web http://www.
With the new drives installed, ADIC's AML mixed media library family now offers up to 5,180 terabytes (over five petabytes) of native storage and up to 400 drives in a single library.
AML Firm of the Year" in ACQ magazine's 2014 annual "ACQ Global Awards.