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AML1Acute Myeloid Leukemia 1
aml1Arabidopsis Minute-Like 1
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If you mistakenly fill out an old AML1 form, SouthWestern will still accept them for the time being.
This translocation often results in fusions of the TEL (or ETV6) gene with the AML1 (or RUNX1) gene and is present in 1% of all newborns and at a higher 22% proportion among children with the ALL diagnosis.
Therefore rather than posting the current AML1 form to their local authority, farmers will instead post the new movement document to the SouthWestern bureau.
AML1 remains the most commonly used name in the literature.
Farmers can obtain copies of the new AML1 forms from their local authority.
Topoisomerase II inhibitors induce DNA double-strand breaks at a specific site within the AML1 locus.