AMLDAmusement Machine Licence Duty (UK; tax)
AMLDAssociacao Mico-Leao Dourado (Portuguese: Golden Lion Tamarin Association; Brazil)
AMLDAutomatic Memory Leak Detector
AMLDAnti-Money Laundering Directives
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AMLD stocks should be used partly to beef up the requirements of ASF brigades and units on deployment, and the rest held centrally in second line mission level bases.
Establishment of AMLDs, including the AU and REC/Regional MLDs (after the workshop) and, in default, mechanisms for the committal of donor-held equipment to ASF missions, including strategic air and sealifts.
In 2008, the AMLD received 1,133,014 Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs).
The AMLD is able to exchange information with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
In the first ten months of 2009, the AMLD received 37 STRs, all of which are currently under analysis nd have not as yet been forwarded to the law enforcement agencies.
The reorganized AMLD should be equipped with an electronic information reporting system to enable it to effectively collect, store and analyze financial transactions.