AMMBArab-Malaysian Merchant Bank
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Under the AMMB, only Filipino-owned corporations will be allowed to extract minerals-a complete opposite of the current mining law that allows large-scale mining, mostly operated by multinational corporations.
AMMB does not envisage further fines or penalties in relation to this event, and has taken measures to improve its governance structure.
AmLife, the life insurance arm of AMMB, specialises in distributing protection, savings and investment-linked products.
The remark came after market speculation that the company may merge with AMMB (KUL: 1015) to form the third largest banking group in the country.
Also, hybrid banks have been able to transfer their expertise in conventional banking over to their Islamic banking operations, for instance, AMMB and Public Bank in consumer finance, and CIMB in investment banking.
Rocha AMC, Morais AMMB (2003) Shelf life of minimally processed apple (cv Jonagored) determined by colour changes.
AMMB Holdings Bhd is ending its partnership with Singapores ARA Asset Management (Malaysia) Ltd, and is instead entering into a new deal with Amcorp Properties Bhd to manage its real estate investment trust (REIT).
AX) (ANZ) plans to sell its stake in AMMB Holdings (AmBank) Bhd (AMMB.
The AMMB also contains provisions on respecting IP rights, including wealth-sharing.
The ratings reflect the Bank's strategic importance as AMMB Holdings Berhad's (the Group) Islamic banking arm; parental support is expected to be readily extended if needed.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 17, 2012--Malaysia AMMB posts 12.