AMMLAcute Myelomonocytic Leukemia
AMMLAlpha Medical Manufacturers Ltd. (Nairobi, Kenya)
AMMLAmar Mahal Museum and Library (India)
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Purification of AMML by affinity chromatography on ConA Sepharose 4B
The summary of purification steps for AMML is presented in Table 2.
The antiproliferative effect of AMML against HeLa, K562 and MG63 cell lines is shown in Fig.
Effect of AMML on cell morphology and nuclear integerty
It was seen that AMML induced morphological changes in HeLa cells.
After the cells were treated with AMML for 12 h, the percentages of apoptotic cells at early phase increased to 7.
Effect of different concentrations of AMML (20 and 40[micro]g/ml) on the cell cycle phases of HeLa cells was studied.
HeLa, MG63 and K562 cells have different growth response to AMML (Fig.
One of the major findings in this study is that AMML induces significant cell cycle arrest at S phase.