AMMRAirborne Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
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Some code officials are strictly by the book, and they might not approve AMMRs.
Especificamente, la agraviada AMMR senalo que el mencionado acusado RCZ <<le hizo sufrir el acto sexual>> y la obligo a ejercer la prostitucion conjuntamente con la agraviada de iniciales GVTV y les exigio que le entreguen doscientos cincuenta nuevos soles diarios.
Associations are now experimenting with online tools to allow their members to network and share resources (Carey & the AMMR Research Staff, 2010).
Many of the concepts for this sidebar come from "The Guide to Member Value," a chapter in The Association and Nonprofit Marketing and Communication Guide, complete with best practices and templates available from AMMR.