AMMSAustralian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
AMMSAdvanced Microwave Moisture Sounder
AMMSAsthma Management Model System
AMMSAmerican Mall Model Search (est. 1982)
AMMSAcquisition Milestone Management System
AMMSAutomated Maintenance Management System
AMMSAdvanced Map Moving System
AMMSAcademy of Mixed Martial Science (Los Angeles, CA)
AMMSAdvanced Microwave Moisture Sensor
AMMSAdvanced Materials Management System
AMMSAutomatic Message Management System
AMMSAdministrative and Manpower Management Service
AMMSAutomated Manpower Management System
AMMSAutonomous Minehunting and Mapping System
AMMSAir Mobility Management System (integrates the GDSS and C2IPS systems)
AMMSArmy Automated Multi Media System
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I looked at the Accordent Capture Station and AMMS and found that both were expensive, highly technical products designed for comprehensive functionality and deep integration into your existing systems, not ease of use.
The company's Enterprise Video Management platform, which includes AMMS V4.
The AMMS acquisition marked an important strategic move for Tegal.
not caused by the Purchaser to the Software not in accordance with the Application described in the user documentation, as well as errors in the data caused by the failure of the Software;b) the development of application software according to changing general rules, regulations, laws, subject;c) providing an update to the Application Software version InfoMedica / AMMS,Modules in the field of application software covered by the agreement~s supervision;d) the opportunity to submit comments and proposals to modify the Application Software.
The subject matter of this Agreement is 1) As regards Part 1: provision of the author~s supervision of the Integrated Information System InfoMedica / AMMS company Asseco Poland SA, operated in the organizational units of the Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biala, including modules referred to in paragraph.
3 - Software service InfoMedica AMMS Clinic, Laboratory and registration Internet;Ref.
Tenders are invited for AMMS annual maintenance and support program - covers all maintenance and support for AMMS system and all configured modules and options for a period of on year.