AMMTAviation Maintenance Management Team
AMMTAdvanced Minehunting and Mapping Technologies
AMMTAdvanced Micromaching Tools (AMMT GmbH)
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We developed AMMT, in part, because another intonation-based therapy, known as Melodic Intonation Therapy, had been successful in helping stroke patients with aphasia recover their ability to speak," Gottfried Schlaug, senior author of the study, said.
After eight weeks of AMMT treatment (five days per week), the six children in the proof-of-concept study, who ranged in age from six to nine and were previously completely nonverbal, were able to approximate whole words and phrases.
A new initiative, the AMMT Fellowship, will also award one student pounds 1,000 and a month's work experience with Rajeeb Dey, chief executive of Enternships.
An AirLant QA and AMMT inspector, AECS(AW) Larry King, felt the conference's strength was to get everyone on the same sheet of music.