AMNLAEAsociación de Mujeres Nicaraguenses Luisa Amanda Espinoza (Spanish: Luisa Amanda Espinoza Association of Nicaraguan Women)
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In Nicaragua, AMNLAE coordinated young people to participate in local and national summits to ensure their representation in political dialogue.
AMNLAE provides loans to sites to start small businesses, which offset some, but ultimately few, costs.
At AMNLAE sites, Coordinators are part-time due to limited budgets, and staff only have time for monthly training activities.
At AMNLAE, additional ad hoc monitoring is possible due to personal relationships Coordinators have with youth.
First, in 2004, Planned Parenthood Global conducted an evaluation of both CEMOPLAF and AMNLAE Youth Peer Provider programmes to identify long-term benefits of programme participation, specifically health behaviours and outcomes.
As a result, AMNLAE initiated a new agenda, which included a serious investigation of the power relations between men and women.
In response to those meetings, AMNLAE submitted proposals to the commission drafting the new Constitution, including proposals for the prohibition of sexual harassment, domestic violence, and rape, and for allowing women the right to freely decide whether and when to have children.
Further, AMNLAE pressured the National Assembly to discuss the situation of women.
Despite those efforts, AMNLAE's close affiliation with the government had hindered its ability to effect change for women, and a women's movement independent of the FSLN and AMNLAE was in full force.
The conference barely mentioned AMNLAE, which virtually ignored the conference despite significant national publicity.
1994 Report of the National Executive Committee of AMNLAE and interviews with Dora Zeledon, National Coordinator of AMNLAE, 7 January 1994 and 5 July 1995.