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AMOLEDActive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode
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For professionals, AMOLED Cinema and AMOLED Photo let users manually adjust the display settings for bright, dynamic results for both video and photo content.
Since Super AMOLED technology doesn't require a back light, the Galaxy Tab S consumes less energy than comparative LCD displays while maintaining a very portable design.
CMI is also eyeing the flexible display market, expecting its AMOLED products to be adopted by customers in high-end smartphone applications.
The product also incorporates IGNIS' latest all-in-one driver chip for amorphous silicon AMOLED, which is the first of its kind in today's AMOLED market," says Paul Arsenault, President & CEO.
EDO, pioneering AMOLED technology from China, is committed to leading edge display technology, flexible one at this juncture.
Plastic Logic, experts in the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, won the OLED Innovation Excellence award for its truly flexible AMOLED display technology.
Recently, AMOLED again hogged the limelight as the technology was extended by Samsung to its premium Galaxy S Tab line.
AUO proactively develops the latest technologies including AMOLED and IGZO and excels by introducing ultra high resolution, ultra wide viewing angle and super narrow border technologies.
Industry leader LG Display s contribution to the project was in the development of a new mobile display that is clearer than AMOLED displays but requires less power.
The phone will offer a high-resolution 800x480 flexible AMOLED screen, eight megapixel camera and 1Gb of RAM as well as a 1.
Examples include 3D TVs without extra glasses, transparent displays and flexible AMOLED displays with extremely high resolution.
HTC s Android handsets have become synonymous with brilliance, so it s no wonder the company is having a hard time fulfilling orders using Samsung s AMOLED displays.