AMORCAncient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis
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Hopefully, I can pro-actively warn members of the public who are not altogether familiar with AMORC.
com/, as well as his books, AMORC Unmasked and The Prisoner of San Jose, which are available online and may be ordered at every fine bookstore.
Procure a bulk quantity of both books at a special wholesale price that I provide and distribute them to each and every member of AMORC right now and to every new member within 30 days of their enrolling as a member in your Exalted Empire.
Freeman, a determined expatriate and whistleblower of the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, or AMORC, reveals his firsthand knowledge of the disturbing mind control protocol of the so-called Rosicrucian Order in a new book titled AMORC Unmasked.
According to the book, "The Prisoner of San Jose," the power of AMORC lay in its adherence to many mind control practices chronicled by experts like Stephen Hassan, author of "Combating Cult Mind Control" and Margaret Thaler Singer, now deceased, who wrote "Cults in Our Midst: the Hidden Menace in Our Everyday Lives.