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AMOSAdvanced Mortar System
AMOSAustralian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
AMOSAir Mobility Operations Squadron
AMOSAir Management Oversight System
AMOSAtomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences
AMOSAutomatic Meteorological Observing Station
AMOSAircraft Maintenance and Engineering System
AMOSAdditional Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAmerican Stock Exchange Options Switching System
AMOSAutomated Meteorological Observing System
AMOSAF Maui Optical Station
AMOSARPA Maui Optical Station
AMOSAdditionally Awarded Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAccess Mechanized Order System (Hekimian)
AMOSAcadémie du Management des Organisations Sportives (Paris, France)
AMOSAcoustic, Meteorological, Oceanographic Survey
AMOSAzimuthally Symmetric Mode Simulator
AMOSAcoustic Meteorological Observing System
AMOSAirspace Management Omnibus Study
AMOSAmmunition Out-Load System
AMOSAutomated Maintenance Order System (Sprint)
AMOSAircraft Maintenance Operations Simulation
AMOSAsset Management Operating System (software)
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After the show, Amos was introduced to Prince Philip who, according to the comic, greeted him with the words: "You're the one that wanted Lenny Henry bumped off.
3) In the first and second chapters of Amos, there is a litany of Israel's enemies and the punishments that await them for their war crimes:
Throughout the course of eight solo albums, Amos has intimately explored topics both tragic (rape, religious hypocrisy, miscarriages) and triumphant (survival, self-discovery, sexual empowerment), often using a cryptic lyrical code that can be frustratingly difficult to crack--"Wrap yourself around the tree of life and the dance of the infinity of the hive," anyone?
DeVido has Amos weave in a lengthy quotation in which Patterson expresses what being knocked out is like:
Amos schemes will come back to play an important part in his newly discovered faith in the Lord.
While Beckham and Campbell have become world famous, midfielder Amos is striding out as captain of Solihull Borough.
1 Cataraqui, mustered 9th day of October, 1784", we learn that Amos Ansley and his wife, one male over 10, one female over 10, (his parents likely) and one child under 10 received 4 1/2 rations per day as a family on their land.
She told planning inspector Stuart Wild that her father, Ronald Amos, 75,and mother June Amos, 70, were both unwell and Mr Amos had to visit hospital three times a week for dialysis.
A ministerial outsider a year ago, Baroness Amos could end up having a higher profile in the politics of the Tony Blair administration than any other politician of African heritage.
The book is composed of two parts: a history of research on Amos divided into three chapters, and several sets of classified bibliographies, the latter part making up more than half of the book.
The court heard that Mrs Amos, 42, was afraid to be in the house in Victoria Embankment, Darlington, and afraid to leave it.
Shortly after leaving the business, Amos pursued several different ventures.