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AMOTAegis Master Operability Test
AMOTAccelerated Management of Technology (Polytechnic University; New York)
AMOTATES Master Operability Test
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Amot diesel engine emergency shutoff valves in sizes now extended up to 10-inch can be used stand-alone or in complete runaway shut-down systems and feature a compact design with easy low-cost installation in a remote reset facility for more flexible control.
Almost all land (161, 000 ha) within the Amot moose preservation district is owned by a single forest company which distributes the quota to the hunters who, in turn, lease the right to hunt there.
AMOT is a leading global manufacturer of control, safety and hazardous area solutions for engines, compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment in the oil and gas, marine, power generation and transportation industries.
The choice of panel or bracket mounted further simplifies their flexible and low-cost installation and the use of the Amot patented 'Tad Pole' seal provides lower friction and longer cycle life than conventional O-rings.
Consistent Origination and Servicing: Ally demonstrates adequate abilities as originator, underwriter, and servicer, as evidenced by the historical delinquency and loss performance of AMOT.
There is no certainty that negotiations with such a potential buyer - if he does indeed exist - would materialize into a transaction and what the sum of the proceeds would be and/or at what terms such a transaction would be signed, if at all, in addition to any other repercussions that may ensue as a result of the company's unilateral decision not to enter into an agreement with Bayside and with Amot at this stage.
Fitch will continue to monitor AMOT and may take additional rating action in the event of changes in performance and/or credit enhancement.
The hotel will use one of the 3 buildings of the Amot Insurance Project, the majority of which is possessed by Amot.
AMOT has added an Atex approved electric 250mm (10in) hazardous area Model 4261 emergency engine air shut-off valve to its standard SpeedTrap range, protecting bigger diesel engines from the risk of dangerous and damaging runaways when they burn hydrocarbon vapours or other combustibles, even after their fuel source has been closed.
Hansen's products are highly complementary to Cornell Pump's refrigeration pumps, and Amot Control's refrigeration valves.
The Company explained that the highly cyclical semi-conductor capital goods markets continued to show weakness with sales into these markets anticipated to be down 60 - 70% over the prior-year quarter and continuing softness in oil & gas related capital goods markets was causing a slowdown in sales at the Roper Pump and Amot Controls companies.
The Company indicated that the significant sales gain over the prior-year quarter was due primarily to contributions from recent acquisitions, increased sales to Gazprom and strength at the Amot Controls business unit.